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Run snaplet config setup in the directory with your source code. This command creates a .snaplet directory and the configuration files used by the CLI. These configuration files should be added to your repository so that your team will use the defaults you've entered here.

You'll need the connection string to the local development database that your code operates against. The role should be a SUPERUSER because Snaplet uses this connection string to restore snaphots.

Run snaplet config setup:

$ cd path/to/project-404/
$ snaplet config setup

> > No existing configuration found. A configuration contains variables
that adjust the settings of the CLI
? Set up "~/gh/path/to/project-404"? [Y/n] y
> Updated ".gitignore"...

> > Enter development database connection credentials:
? postgresql://postgres@localhost:5432/my-project-database

> Introspecting database...
> Wrote ".snaplet/config.json"
> Wrote ".snaplet/structure.d.ts"
> Wrote ".snaplet/transform.ts"
> Wrote ".snaplet/id_rsa"

Snaplet has now introspected your database and generated:

  1. A transform.ts file with suggested functions for transforming personally identifiable information detected within your database.
  2. A type definition file structure.d.ts based on the structure of your database which allows design-time type safety.