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Create a datasource

Once you've logged in, create a datasource that allows Snaplet to connect to your database. We never write to your database and recommend that you create a readonly role.

Creds please!


Still testing Snaplet? No problem. Use our test database credentials.


Self-hosted snapshot workers are coming in Q4 2021.

You will not have to give us access to your database, and snapshots can be stored in your own private bucket.

Snapshot worker IP addresses#

Snaplet uses the and IP addresses to connect to your database. It's a good idea to restrict all traffic to Postgres and grant access where it's absolutely required!

Test your database connection#

Once you've entered the credentials we'll test them to validate that we have the correct priviledges to be a smooth operator.

Validating credentials

Transform your data...#

Now we can copy you're data, but before creating your snapshot, we still need to know how to transform it.