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This feature and documentation is currently a work in progress.

In this case you run the command to capture a snapshot of your database on a machine that you trust.

Hosting the capture process

The Snaplet CLI requires access to your .snaplet config directory in order to know how you want to modify your snapshots. Many people capture snapshots in CI/CD because it's already trusted, already has access to the .snaplet config directory via the source code and fits into a gitops development workflow.

  1. Install Snaplet CLI
  2. Checkout your source code from repository
  3. Run SNAPLET_DATABASE_URL=[secret] snaplet snapshot capture /tmp/my-snapshot

That's it, you have now a snapshot in /tmp/my-snapshot that you can upload and share with your team.

Sharing snapshot via a Snaplet Cloud Project

Run snaplet snapshot share /tmp/my-snapshot to upload it to a Snaplet Cloud Project.