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Configuration files

The CLI's settings can be modified by a configuration file or via environmental variables. Snaplet typically operates against the database associated to your codebase, which means that you should add the configuration files to your repository, so that you don't have to set it up again.

Snaplet searches from the current working directory upwards for a .snaplet/config.json file.

Snaplet has a global configuration file (for authentication state), and a local per-project configuration file:

  • local, per project: <codebase>/.snaplet/config.json
  • global, <homedir>/.snaplet/config.json

Environmental variables

SNAPLET_ACCESS_TOKENAccess token to authentication as Snaplet Project (Cloud hosting)
SNAPLET_PROJECT_IDRun CLI commands against Snaplet Project (Cloud hosting)
SNAPLET_DATABASE_URLThe connection string used to capture and restore snapshots
SNAPLET_CWDThe current working directory