Snappy loves Prisma

Note Currently supported providers: postgres, mysql, sqlite

This example shows how to set up your Seed workflow with Prisma (opens in a new tab).


1. Install Seed

Set up Seed in your Prisma project by running the following command:

>_ terminal

npx @snaplet/seed init prisma/seed

This command creates a prisma/seed folder with multiple files in it.

2. Configure Seed

Using the previous command should have created a prisma/seed/seed.config.ts configuration file.

You can use it as is, or customize it to fit your needs.


import { SeedPrisma } from "@snaplet/seed/adapter-prisma";
import { defineConfig } from "@snaplet/seed/config";
import { PrismaClient } from "@prisma/client";
export default defineConfig({
adapter: () => {
const client = new PrismaClient();
return new SeedPrisma(client);
select: [

3. Customize the Seed Script

The npx @snaplet/seed init prisma/seed command should also have created a seed script example seed.ts.

You can customize it to seed your database with the data you need.


import { createSeedClient } from "@snaplet/seed";
const seed = await createSeedClient();
// Truncate all tables in the database
await seed.$resetDatabase();
// Seed the database with 10 users
await seed.user((x) => x(10));

4. Hook into Prisma seeding workflow

You can hook into Prisma seeding workflow (opens in a new tab) by specifying a seed command in your package.json file:


"prisma": {
"seed": "npx tsx prisma/seed/seed.ts"

With this change, the database will be seeded with the data you specified in your seed.ts file for each of the following commands:

  • prisma db seed
  • prisma migrate dev
  • prisma migrate reset

5. Keep Seed Client in sync with your database

Whenever your database structure changes (e.g after a new migration is applied), @snaplet/seed will need be regenerated to reflect the new structure. To do this, run the following command:

>_ terminal

npx @snaplet/seed sync

If you want to automate this process, you can add a post script (opens in a new tab) to your package.json file:


"scripts": {
"migrate": "prisma migrate dev",
"postmigrate": "npx @snaplet/seed sync"