Getting Started


What is Snaplet?

Snaplet is an all-in-one developer tool that gives developers realistic, production-like data that they can code against.

There are two ways to obtain production-like data with Snaplet: either by capturing an existing source database into a snapshot, or by generating fake data using AI.


Snapshots are database snapshots captured from an existing database you can access (typically production). Snapshots can be subset (reduced in size) and the source data can be transformed to your requirements (for example, obfuscating personally identifiable information). Snapshots are restored into a database as part of your workflow, whether that's your local coding environment, a cloud environment, or CI/CD.

Quick Start

Follow the snapshot quick start guide to get production-like data in your workflow.

If you don't have a database you can connect to, or would prefer to seed data using our AI seed feature, follow the seed quick start guide instead.

Key Features

  • Capture data: Create a database snapshot from your existing database.
  • Restore data: Code against your snapshot by restoring it to a database.
  • Share data: Collaborate seamlessly by sharing your data on Snaplet Cloud.
  • Deploy data: Instantly deploy your snapshot to a Preview Database.
  • Snaplet dev flow: Like Git, but for data.

Learn Snaplet

Dive into the key concepts of Snaplet:

📚 Capture data from your source database into an snapshot.

📚 Restore a snapshot to to a database.

📚 Share a snapshot in Snaplet Cloud.

📚 Deploy a snapshot to a Preview Database.

📚 Snaplet dev flow - data provided seamlessly within your local development process.

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