Connection Strings

Connection Strings

In order to connect to your source database, Snaplet needs read-only database credentials in the form of a connection string, or connection URL.

A PostgreSQL connection URL specifies the following parameters:

  • username (the username used to connect to the database)
  • password (the password used in the "user" parameter)
  • hostname (the IP address or domain name of the machine where the server is running)
  • port (port number on which the server is listening on)
  • database (name of the database to connect to)

This connection string may also include a collection of optional parameter keywords that allow adjustments of various aspects of the URL (e.g. SSL, timeouts, etc).

Here's an example connection string:


Troubleshooting connection strings

When passing in a connection string to Snaplet, we will attempt to validate and encode the connection string, however you may still have problems with database names or passwords and special characters (%&/:=?@[]), in this case you may have to URI encode your username and/or your password.

Let's take an example in which your database password is p@$$w0rd!.

You first need to encode the password using encodeURIComponent (opens in a new tab) or jq (opens in a new tab):

>_ terminal

# encodeURIComponent
node -e 'console.log(encodeURIComponent("p@$$w0rd!"))'
# jq
printf %s 'p@$$w0rd!' | jq -sRr @uri

You can then paste the encoded password into your connection string:

>_ terminal

SNAPLET_SOURCE_DATABASE_URL='postgresql://john-doe:p%40%24%24w0rd!@hostname:5432/production' snaplet snapshot capture

If you still have problems configuring your connection string, refer to this short guide (opens in a new tab) or reach out to us on discord (opens in a new tab) instead.